As a responsibly managed company, we provide our employees with principles and rules on how to behave properly and responsibly, particularly in their dealings with customers, business partners, and other members of staff. The Compliance Office has developed a code of conduct in collaboration with other departments that forms the framework for all directives and guidelines. It came into force on December 3, 2012. In addition, the representatives of the individual compliance functions have worked with the various sustain­ability coordinators in the DZ BANK Group to produce a code of conduct for the group. This came into force in May 2014 and applies to the entire DZ BANK Group. At the end of 2016, as a result of the merger, DZ BANK and the former WGZ BANK consolidated their codes of conduct into a version that was approved by the Board of Managing Directors in April 2017.

The code of conduct provides the basis for a corporate culture that is ethical, sustainable, and in compliance with the law and to which we are committed to upholding both internally and externally. It combines internal principles with external market standards and reinforces our commitment to sustainability. To ensure our employees can work well together, it provides guidance not only on how to deal with customers and business partners but also on good corporate governance. The code thus makes an important contribution to the sustainable development of DZ BANK and helps our employees to navigate their way through the increasing array of rules and regulations. The integrity of our employees is, after all, a key factor in the success of our bank. 

DZ BANK posts information about the code of conduct on a variety of channels, including its compliance portal, the internal portal for written procedures, and the welcome page for new starters on the intranet. We have also integrated the code of conduct into existing training programs.

Code of Conduct DZ BANK AG
Code of Conduct DZ BANK Group

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