The DZ BANK Foundation promotes academic study, research, and education, particularly with regard to banking, finance, and the cooperative movement. We believe we have a duty to society to work alongside the state to support academic research. The shared responsibility of the state and business was what led one of our predecessor institutions to set up the foundation more than 50 years ago that went on to become the DZ BANK Foundation in 2004.

In 2016, we provided total funding of some €496,000 for new and existing projects. The assets of the foundation stand at €20 million, which puts it in the category of medium-sized foundations in Germany.

The contribution made by the DZ BANK Foundation to the foundation of the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts deserves special mention. The DZ BANK Foundation was one of the original donors and contributed €100,000 in funds. As part of its activities, the university foundation will pay for guest professors, purchase musical instructions, and grant Germany Scholarships.

The DZ BANK Foundation’s other sponsorship projects currently include two endowed professorships: Professor Andreas Hackethal holds the Endowed Chair of Personal Finance at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, while Professor Falko Fecht has occupied the DZ BANK Endowed Chair of Financial Economics at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management since May 2012. The foundation is also providing funds for the building of the new campus at the Frankfurt School, which the organization hopes will help make it one of the five best European business schools by 2020.

Awarding PhD research grants and the Germany Scholarship is another feature of the foundation’s work. Financial support allows the recipients of the grants to achieve their academic goals without distraction while furthering their contribution to society. In 2016, we supported the Polytechnic Society Foundation’s ‘College for young talents’ project for the first time. The college, which embraces the concept of a studium generale, offers Frankfurt-based schoolchildren between the ages of 14 and 18 insights into various specialist disciplines. The students are also taught interpersonal skills and given individual advice on their academic and professional careers.