DZ BANK certified by ecoprofit

DZ BANK is a member of the ECOPROFIT club in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. Its two main office buildings have held ECOPROFIT certification for a number of years now. ECOPROFIT, the ECOlogical PROject For Integrated environmental Technology, is a Germany-wide initiative that aims to systematically promote environmental management in companies and municipal establishments. Besides environmental and economic objectives, ECOPROFIT also focuses on social aspects, such as making employees aware of environmental protection in the workplace and motivating them to do their bit.

The ECOPROFIT club is a network of particularly committed companies that have already received ECOPROFIT certification and want to build on their environmental knowledge. DZ BANK is an active member of the scheme and benefits from the opportunity to regularly swap experiences with other companies. Members undergo an annual review of their environmental management system. At the beginning of 2017, the German government officially recognized Frankfurt’s ECOPROFIT club as an energy efficiency network. DZ BANK is therefore part of a comprehensive network initiative that is working to achieve the goals of the Federal Republic of Germany in the areas of climate protection and energy policy. At the end of 2014, representatives of the federal government and leading business associations and organizations agreed to initiate and run around 500 new energy efficiency networks by the end of 2020. They believe that increasing energy efficiency is not only important for climate protection but will also make the German economy more competitive on the international stage and will help to develop new business models.