Paper for printers and photocopiers accounts for the largest proportion of the consumables used by banks. That is why DZ BANK requests that employees use paper sparingly. It also only uses paper in photocopiers that is FSC®-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). At least 50 percent of the fiber for this paper is from responsibly managed forests. As another way of reducing the consumption of resources, we introduced an electronic document management system at the start of 2012 and the MyHR software in 2015, which offers a paperless means of handling payroll, certificates, leave requests, and time sheets. In 2013, we switched to lighter paper and since 2014, data covering all offices and an increased number of paper types have been included in our environmental database. Paper consumption in 2016 totaled 355 tonnes.

Easier recycling with a standardized waste system

In 2011, we implemented a system with which to standardize waste management across Germany and simplify recycling. The new solution enabled us to further reduce the volume of commercial waste at the pre-merger DZ BANK. Another factor was improved waste separation at our Frankfurt office, where we are working with the specialist company FES Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH, which is also helping us to dispose of our waste in the correct way. At our other offices, too, local service providers have been contracted to carry out waste disposal.

We are also working to optimize water usage at our offices. In 2016, the merger caused our water consumption to rise to 104,938 cubic meters (2015: 91,109 cubic meters). Water consumption at the pre-merger DZ BANK was down slightly because the summer in 2016 was not as hot and dry as in the prior year.

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