Travel is essential to our work. As a central institution, we support around 1,000 independent cooperative banks – which includes making on-site visits. In 2016, our employees covered a total of around 35.8 million kilometers on business trips. This sharp increase on the prior year is a consequence of the merger of DZ BANK and WGZ BANK. In the future, we aim to cut back further on trips with a large carbon footprint, use video conferences, and increase train travel. This last point is particularly important because, since April 2013, the emissions from employees’ long-distance train travel have been offset. We are also pushing ahead with e-mobility: A rapid charging point for electric vehicles has been available to customers and visitors at our Frankfurt office since 2014.

DZ BANK supports all staff who regularly take public transport to work by providing a travel allowance. At most of our major offices, we offer our employees a subsidized travel card for the local public transport network. We also have an agreement with Deutsche Bahn under which employees who live outside local public transport zones can travel to work by train, and therefore with reduced environmental impact, at reduced rates. In 2016, more than 65 percent of our staff used public transportation to get to work. Because many employees cycle to work, DZ BANK has increased the number of bicycle racks: The new Pavillon Cityhaus II has underground storage for around 140 bikes, with 10 percent of its capacity suitable for e-bikes.

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