Professional and personal employee development has a high priority throughout the DZ BANK Group. The HR departments of the individual entities jointly promote relevant topics and form permanent committees that meet regularly to share information about providing all employees with optimum working conditions. These committees include the Group HR Committee (GHRC, which comprises the members of the respective boards of managing directors with responsibility for HR), the HR managers' committee, and six HR working groups, each with a specific area of focus.

In 2016, joint HR activities focused mainly on the topic of innovation and digitalization and on the content and implications of the new version of the German Regulation Governing Remuneration at Institutions (InstitutsVergV). The regulation was updated primarily in order to implement the guidelines for a robust system of remuneration set out by the European Banking Authority (EBA). The greater level of dovetailing between entities has also fostered information-sharing and mutual knowledge of best practice. Meanwhile, the HR Planning and Control working group has made a major contribution to measuring and managing HR activities within the DZ BANK Group by jointly developing the HR Key Performance Indicator Cockpit (HR KPI Cockpit). In 2016, the advancement of women and the management of young talent were the main focus for the Professional Development working group. The Careers working group initiated a project called 'Information week: Experiencing the sense of belonging in the DZ BANK Group', which is being continued in 2017. The introduction of these kinds of information events actively helps to nurture group identity. Our employer branding campaign was again a focus last year. The objective of the campaign is to attract and retain suitable employees, thereby safeguarding the future viability of the DZ BANK Group as an employer. Various public relations activities supported the launch of the employer brand in the external job market.

Corporate Campus for management & strategy

The Corporate Campus for Management & Strategy was set up in 2010 as a think tank and as an information-sharing and strategy platform for senior managers in the DZ BANK Group. It has become successfully established and is now in its seventh year. Members of boards of managing directors and heads of divisions and departments in the DZ BANK Group, together with members of boards of managing directors from local cooperative banks, took part in a total of twelve events in 2016. All the feedback from the participants was very positive. In 2016, the Corporate Campus Creative Lab extended the established offering with new creative formats focused on digitalization. One example was the introduction of the 'Digital driver's license – my role as digital leader' sessions, which are to be continued in 2017.

DZ BANK employee benefits

  • Company sports activities
  • Study leave
  • Subsidized Deutsche Bahn travel card
  • Company cafeteria or meal vouchers
  • Pay for working on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays
  • Travel allowance
  • Subsidy for private CPD
  • Group accident insurance
  • Long-service awards
  • Subsidy for childcare costs
  • Contingency benefits
  • Special leave
  • Vacation pay

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