DZ BANK believes it is particularly important to protect the health of all its staff. Employees are faced with increasing professional and personal pressures and longer working lives, and so we use a fully integrated health management system to maintain both their wellbeing and their ability to perform over the longer term. Above all, however, we encourage and support employees to take responsibility for their own health.

Company sports and preventive measures

As part of our health management system, we offer our employees in Germany all kinds of attractive sports activities, ranging from badminton to volleyball. We also offer anti-stress programs and preventive classes featuring activities such as orthopedic back exercise, meditation, yoga, and autogenic training. Talks, workshops, and training courses on diet, stress management and other specialist topics complete the program. A particular focus in 2016 was the resilience initiative. In the various talks and workshops, employees learnt all about resilience and were given practical tips on how to be resilient in their day-to-day lives.

Help with psychological problems

Preventive courses on stress management help employees to deal with psychological problems. Employees who are faced with difficult situations at work or at home can also get support from an independent social counselor. From May 2017, a second social counselor will cover the Düsseldorf, Koblenz, and Münster locations. As trained psychologists and psychotherapists, they advise employees on how to cope with challenges and problems and provide information about preventive measures. They are also the point of contact for burnout issues and, if necessary, can quickly arrange an appointment with a specialist.

In addition to counseling employees in person, the social counselors give talks at our offices all over Germany on topics such as mental resilience and addiction. DZ BANK's anti-addiction policy, a joint project between the social counselors and the health management team, supports employees and managers who are dealing with addiction. DZ BANK runs a reintegration program to help employees who have come through a long period of sickness to re-enter working life. Mental health is also covered on some training courses for managers.

All health and safety standards met

Health and safety at work plays a key role in keeping employees well. DZ BANK complies with the legal requirements and technical standards for health and safety at work at all its German offices. There is representation for the workforce as whole on the official employer-employee committee for health and safety at work. DZ BANK also appoints company doctors and health & safety officers as required by the German Health & Safety at Work Act (ASiG). These experts help to prevent accidents by teaching employees about occupational safety and inspecting where they work.

Advising our employees on ergonomics was a key focus again in 2016. Occupational health and safety experts talked to more than 350 employees either at their workstation or over the phone – and in over 40 cases, a change to the workstation was made or was arranged to be made. The occupational health and safety experts also helped with the reconfiguration of the trading areas and with the move to newly leased offices near Frankfurt’s trade fair center. They also helped to assess employee workstations for health and safety risks, and worked together with fire prevention officers to update or redesign the escape, evacuation, and rescue plans for DZ BANK’s offices in Frankfurt.

No one who works at DZ BANK has a job that puts them at higher risk of illness or accident. In 2016, the accident at work rate was just over 1 percent; 0.3 percent of accidents were subject to reporting requirements. There were no work-related deaths in 2016 and no known breaches of health and safety regulations.