For a company to be successful, it needs to have employees who are dedicated to the cause and have the right skills for the job. DZ BANK therefore puts a great deal of emphasis on motivating its staff and doing everything it can to support them in their work. This support begins with performance-based pay and flexible working hours and extends to a range of options for improving work-life balance, as well as various employee benefits. We also attach great importance to targeted measures that support all employees in their professional and personal development. HR activities in 2016 focused on the merger between DZ BANK and WGZ BANK. The key milestones in this regard were the agreement in principle with employee representatives, the reconciliation of interests required by German law, and the social compensation plan. Equally important was the HR planning to merge the employees from the two banks into 29 departments.

Targeted professional development

The merger was also the focus of the internal training and development activities of the joint central institution and the two predecessor banks in 2016. Merger-related training courses were held to provide employees with essential information about the new systems and processes. More than 3,000 people attended the 100 or so courses. Further training is planned in 2017 as part of the integration phase.

There was strong demand for specialist training on topics such as banking regulation, digitalization, and innovation, and for short-format events in the Knowledge Forum series. The training in the customer focus project focused on ‘value-adding advisory excellence’. In addition, DZ BANK once again offered certified courses in collaboration with Deggendorf Institute of Technology and the Frankfurt School.

The planning carried out before the merger ensured employees were able to book continuing professional development (CPD) courses organized by either of the predecessor institutions from the day of the merger on August 1, 2016. A new learning platform incorporating a variety of functions has been available in the joint central institution since the beginning of 2017. This includes the consolidated CPD program, which was digitalized along with existing processes, meaning it is now possible for employees to make and cancel bookings online. Employees can also check at any time what training they have booked and find out which courses are available and when.

DZ BANK employees can attend courses offered as part of the inhouse continuing professional development (CPD) program, division-specific training, and individual external seminars. We also use external trainers and training providers to ensure that we are in line with the markets in terms of methods and topics. DZ BANK’s CPD experts advise specialist employees and managers on selecting training courses to meet their individual needs.