DZ BANK strives to always offer its employees a working environment that takes account of changes to their family life and age. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for them to combine their professional and private commitments at every stage of their lives. Back in 2015, with this in mind, DZ BANK adopted eight guiding principles that set out mandatory policies and the expectations of both employer and employee with regard to flexible and family-friendly working hours. Flexibility helps to ensure long-term satisfaction and commitment among employees, particularly those who are parents or carers. The new DZ BANK daycare center in Frankfurt, which accepted its first children on July 1, 2016, forms part of this approach.

Flexible working hours and part-time models

In addition to flexible working hours, our staff benefit from teleworking and various part-time working models. Last year, 18.6 percent of employees worked part time. 12 percent worked at least some of the time from home by way of teleworking. During the course of 2016, a total of 275 employees (161 women and 114 men) took parental leave. Internal company agreements govern other options such as semi-retirement and sabbatical leave.

Services for our employees

To enable employees to combine work with family life, DZ BANK helps them to find places at suitable day nurseries and kindergartens and subsidizes childcare costs. We even offer a solution for times when childcare is unexpectedly unavailable: Parents are entitled to emergency childcare at a partner care provider for up to ten days a year. We have also created parent-child offices at five locations. Employees also have access to a concierge service, which includes running errands and finding tradespeople.

DZ BANK employee benefits

  • Company sports activities
  • Study leave
  • Subsidized Deutsche Bahn travel card
  • Company cafeteria or meal vouchers
  • Pay for working on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays
  • Travel allowance
  • Subsidy for private CPD
  • Group accident insurance
  • Long-service awards
  • Subsidy for childcare costs
  • Contingency benefits
  • Special leave
  • Vacation pay

Daycare at DZ BANK

DZ BANK’s new inhouse daycare center at the Frankfurt office opened on July 1, 2016, expanding the range of services on offer to parents. All 45 places were occupied at the end of the year by children ranging in age from eleven months to six years. The daycare management team believes it is particularly important to work in partnership with the families and to keep children active in a variety of different ways.

Support for carers

We also support employees who are carers: They can attend a seminar supported by DZ BANK and other Frankfurt-based companies about home care and care of the elderly, and make use of relevant external advisory and support services provided by an external cooperation partner, including to help them find carers. DZ BANK has complied with the legal requirements of the German Care Leave Act (PflegeZG) since it came into force on July 1, 2008. If a family member needs care, employees can take up to six months' unpaid leave from work. In unforeseen cases when care is needed for a relative at short notice, employees can take up to ten days of unpaid leave to organize appropriate care.

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