The success of any company depends to a large degree on having skilled and motivated employees. Because of the increasingly fierce competition in the financial industry for managers and workers with specialist skills, it is important for DZ BANK to offer long-serving employees attractive prospects and to recruit well-qualified specialists and young people. There are a number of ways in which young people can join us: We offer school-leavers a variety of opportunities to train for qualifications in areas including banking, office management, and IT, and we offer five combined work and degree courses specializing in business informatics, business administration, banking, digital innovation and fintec, and applied IT. In addition, university graduates are able to join DZ BANK as management trainees who undergo on-the-job training in specialist areas. Job shadowing in another entity within the DZ BANK Group has been included as a standard component of their management trainee program for two years now.

In 2016, a total of 62 trainees (29 women and 33 men) started their career at DZ BANK after graduating from school or university. And we hired 88 percent of our trainees at the end of their training. The ratio of trainees to total employees was 3.1 percent in 2016.

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