We pursue our interests primarily through our association memberships. One of our goals is to ensure that the current regulatory debate takes better account of the structure of the cooperative financial network.

Our association activities

We want to use our cooperative approach, our knowledge, and our experience to help stabilize the banking sector across Europe. To this end, we engage in dialog with politicians. The Bundesverband der Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken (BVR) [National Association of German Cooperative Banks] is the umbrella organization for the cooperative banking sector and, as such, represents the interests of the cooperative financial network and thus DZ BANK at both national and international levels. The BVR takes up the concerns of the member banks, formulates what they expect from the German government and EU institutions, represents their views in committees, and forms alliances with partners both within Germany and throughout Europe. Within the group, the BVR coordinates and develops the shared strategy of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, the local cooperative banks. It also maintains a political liaison office in order to coordinate its activities in Berlin and Brussels.

In Europe, we are also represented by the European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB) and the Unico Banking Group. The EACB is based in Brussels and represents the interests of 27 member institutions and cooperative banks at European level. Founded in 1970, the organization promotes partnerships between its members and lobbies both EU institutions and the European Central Bank on behalf of the cooperative banking sector. The Unico Banking Group acts as a banking alliance at European level and is made up of eight banks with cooperative business models.

We also use the Brussels-based Confédération Internationale des Banques Populaires (CIBP) [International Confederation of Popular Banks] as an additional platform for fostering international business relationships. Our Board of Managing Directors is active on the CIBP's decision-making body, the Executive Committee, while a number of different DZ BANK departments are involved in various CIBP working groups.

We also engage with politicians at local level. In 2016, for example, we again participated in the Frankfurt Main Finance initiative, which aims to boost Frankfurt's appeal as a financial center.

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