In 2014, to step up the dialog on sustainability, the entities in the DZ BANK Group founded the Group Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC). The shared objective is to exploit market opportunities and avoid risk while enhancing corporate citizenship. The sustainability coordinators of the participating entities meet six times a year in the Group CRC to discuss current developments, share experiences, and plan new activities. In autumn 2016, WL BANK, formerly a subsidiary of WGZ BANK, and DVB BANK became permanent members of the committee.

As part of their joint sustainability activities, the entities in the DZ BANK Group have introduced groupwide supplier standards, developed a common database structure, and together signed the UN Global Compact. In recent years, they also have increased the extent to which they collaborate on matters related to environmental protection and climate change. At the end of 2016, the Group CRC began developing the groupwide climate strategy. This strategy is based on the German government’s national Climate Action Plan and the principles set out in the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations (UN). In 2016, the Group CRC also focused on the groupwide sustainability ratings, the implementation of sustainability in the core business, and sustainability reporting.

In 2017, the Group CRC is mainly working on improving supplier management, developing groupwide sustainability guidelines for the lending business, and setting up a common reporting system based on the UN Global Compact.

For some years now, the DZ BANK Group has been one of the leading financial institutions in terms of sustainability. This is regularly confirmed by the sustainability rating received from the sustainability ratings agency oekom research AG, which has awarded its prime status for particularly sustainable companies to the DZ BANK Group since 2011. In particular, oekom cites the DZ BANK Group’s strong commitment to environmental and social issues. Following the merger of DZ BANK and WGZ BANK and the consolidation of the two banks’
ratings by oekom, the DZ BANK Group continues to hold prime status (C+).

This Sustainability Report relates to DZ BANK AG. The other entities in the DZ BANK Group report separately on their own sustainability activities.

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